Knee Tweaks

Managed another sharp but short knee tweak today on a simple run down the train tracks to the Farmer's Market. No lingering pain, however. I am going to take it easy this week and ice up a ton and do some easy walking/running. I cant determine if its a hamstring issue or something inside the knee. It feels to be in the back of the knee somewhere and the pain was sharp but short and sweet. I happened jumping off the train tracks today on the concrete. I need to drag my ass away from the evil concrete. It is way to easy to run on it, but I am at the edge of what I can take with a 5 week running average of 34.5 miles. Looking back at the logs, things started going bad when I got the Brooks Beasts. Could be a cooincidence, but keeping things simple and scientific, this is the most obvious difference. I am sticking back to the Addictions for now and will drop miles this week and chill out. Still optimistic. We runners are almost chronic hypochondriacs with our aches and pains to the point of freaking out over what could be a minor temporary tweak. Not that I would advocate ignoring pain, but I dont want a 1 second tweak to freak me out into giving up. Going to ice this week and take it easy.


nrmrvrk said…
Stretch those hamstrings. What happened to Yoga??
nockee said…
I have been doing the hamstring yoga stretches, but its still really tough... Stiff as hell.. Will stretch a ton this week and not hammer the miles..
Jean Pommier said…
I'm curious: do you still bike for cross training?

Good job on your Office2TheSea run, that's quite impressive!

Take care of this knee,