Alameda Creek Trail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 3 hours, 35 minutes
Length: 19.5 miles
Vertical up: 900.5 ft
Vertical down: 924.1 ft
Average speed: 5.4 mph

Flat run. Ran 3/2 run walk with runs between 8:30-9:30 and walks between 14:00 and 16:00. For a sub 20 miler, I was pretty damn sore. I think the Brooks Beast plus the new Dean Karnazes Sole Inserts were partly to blame, plus a moderate knee tweak earlier in the week stepping up funny from sit ups. It sucks to be getting old ;) Duc the jedi master of sweating managed to cramp up not too bad today, but ended up needing to jones some of my S-Caps as the Enduralytes would never work for a sweater of his caliber. Once he popped a couple of S-Caps at mile 16 he picked up to a sub nine minute mile again which put the hurt on me. Duc also brought his magical GU which consisted of maybe 600 calories of Grade B Maple Syrup left over from one of those trendy Burroughs Lemonade diets I forced him to do. I can be a real bully. I could not help but cringe watching him toss the last 20 years of Ultrarunning science out the window watching him shoot down shots of Maple Syrup. Duc is a traditionalist. He even hates S-Caps and Enduralytes because the pills are not "natural". I am going to get him a salt lick for our next run so he run in peace.

I heard about this area because of the Fremont Fat ass 50k that recently happened. Its pretty nice flat running. We did see an old geezer punch his dog in the face though. That set me back a few years. It seemed the dog was used to his dysfunctional relationshiop though as he did not seem to mind the abuse. Duc and I just looked at each other in horror and kept running. The city of Union City also decided to defund the water stops along the way. Duc being jedi sweat master makes this reality tough to face. We could not quite run to the end of the trail as this would have sent him into convulsions. We got a nice loop at Quarry Lakes at the end to make up for it.

Overall, a great run and tons o fun...


nrmrvrk said…
Great write-up. Love the creative prose! Keep it up man!