Ultrarunning Magazine Treasure Trove

Won an auction on Ebay with classic Ultrarunning magazines from (June 81 - Dec 83) 23 issues in all. Classic write-ups of the WS 100, American River 50, Wasatch 100 in 82 with zero finishers are great reads. The hard men and women from the early 80's when the sport was in its infancy blow me away. In one of the 1981 issues they had a formula showing how fast you had to run to break time goals. The slowest time they had for the 50 miler was a 8:30 time. Guess nobody ran slow 50 milers back in those days. Being the days when the average marathoner ran 3:15, I can see how an 8:30 50 miler was extremely slow. I will add more nuggets as I read these article. I consider this a huge find that would be hard to beat. These are really scarce and I am lucky to find them and get a great window on the golden age of US UltraRunning.

I am planning on running a marathon tomorrow on the Alameda River Trail in Fremont. The goal is to stick to strick 3/2 run walk with 9:00-9:30 min/mile running and 15:00 min/mile walking. This should get me a marathon in sub 4:45 or so. I will bring 1250 calories of Perpetum to see how I hold up. Run Report to come.


Eudemus said…
That's really cool. I'd love to hear what other nuggets you find in the treasure trove. You should have postponed your run on the Alameda Creek Trail by a day and joined the Fat Ass group on Saturday morning!

Anyway, hope to see you on the trails one day. I was originally going to do AR50 this year and try for a sub-9, but I decided that I am going to focus on hard rather than fast ultras since I'll never be really fast anyway :-) Hope the training goes well!