Fremont Older/Stevens Creek Park

Fremont Older/Stevens Creek Park at EveryTrail

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Duration: 2 hours, 44 minutes, 29 seconds
Length: 10.2 miles
Vertical up: 2769.3 ft
Vertical down: 2792.9 ft
Average speed: 3.8 mph

Ran after huge storm the previous day and evening. We found tons of deep mud, downed trees, and over-all rough trail running conditions. It took us an awful long time to run 10 miles, but it was nice in there was not one other person on the trails. My left achilles is a bit sore and my hamstring was tight on the run. I amm blaming this on the muds impact to my stride. Was fun watching Duc eat honey out of plastic bag. He hates the taste of GU so he is running with honey. I need to give him a GU flask at least so he does not have to deal with a messy plastic bag of honey.