Wunderlich at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 1 hour, 55 minutes, 1 second
Length: 9.5 miles
Vertical up: 3911.1 ft
Vertical down: 3814.9 ft
Average speed: 5 mph

Did Wunderlich the first time in a quite a while. Took it at 2 minutes of running 1 minute of walking the whole way up and finished in just over an hour to get to Skyline. It felt really easy on the way up. I used to run the whole way in maybe 55-56 minutes, so being 5 minutes slower and so much more relaxed was nice. The way down my knee got a bit tired. Not hurting, but just slightly sore and tired. Did 50 miles in the last week of running/walking which is way more than I have done in many years. I might blow it if I don't take more rest. I can't go from nothing to 150-200 mile months this quick without probable peril.