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Today's goal was to scope out the 1st stage of the Office to the Sea which is approximatley 4 miles of train-track running to avoid running on the road. Its kind of cool starting an epic journey to the ocean with 45 minutes of urban blight, graffiti and the occasional hobo, but there were a few times today that I was panicked a junk yard dog would attack us we ran were your really not supposed to be. While the initial run is a deserted train track, we eventually merged with the main Caltrain track which had speedy bullet trains whipping by at 80 MPH that made things a tad scary. On the way back we managed to get lost and take the normal Caltrain all the way back to Atherton. We have no idea how we got lost following a train track that required us to make one turn. I am starting to doubt my supposed good sense of direction as we are 0 for 2 on Office to the Sea training runs.