Picchetti Ranch and Stevens Canyon Park

PIcchetti Ranch and Stevens Canyon Park at EveryTrail

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Trip Stats
Duration: 53 minutes, 46 seconds
Length: 4.6 miles
Vertical up: 1271.1 ft
Vertical down: 1277.4 ft
Average speed: 5.1 mph

I decided to skip the winte tasting at Picchetti Ranch and go for a quick late afternoon 5 miler or so. I used my new inov-8 shoes for the first time and was happily surprised how comfortable they were and how much I enjoyed running in them. I ran down the Zinfandel Trail across nice open trail into a meadow and kept going through some really nice wooded section until I ran into the end of Picchetti Ranch park and into Stevens Creek County park. I kept going until I hit Stevens Canyon road and crossed. Pretty much followed the same way back. Felt great even with a nice fall that I took tripping over another root. The third fall in the last 3 months. Today's was not that bad and I quickly was back on my feet. I was pushing it pretty hard today and the legs felt really strong. Looking at about 120 miles this month which is a big uptick for me.