Ohlone Wilderness

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Trip Stats
Duration: 3 hours, 41 minutes, 46 seconds
Length: 13.1 miles
Vertical up: 3833.8 ft
Vertical down: 3833.8 ft
Average speed: 3.5 mph

Planned on running to Rose Peak which is the second highest spot in Alamada County, a few feet below Mt. Diablo in nearby Contra Costa County, along the Ohlone Trail in the Ohlone Wilderness. I made it about 7 miles and turned around a few miles short as I brought some really lousy socks that were tearing up my heels. Some how my good knee was in pain on the really steep descents after the turn-around. There is almost no flat on this trail and lots of really steep climbs and descents. It was fantastically beautiful out there today. I saw ZERO people in 3 + hours. Met quite a few nice cows along the way, however. I would like to do the Ohlone 50k some day and experience this entire area. That would be a tough run as this small section kicked my butt. I just did not have the mojo today. I could not tell if it was the steepness of the trail of the fact I had far too much roast beef for xmas dinner. Either or, I recommend this area for the sheer beauty of it. I have climbed Welch Creek road which is nearby on my road bike and that was always one of the toughest climbs you could do. I am always impressed that we have such wilderness so close to us considering how urbanized silicon valley is. We are truly lucky and many times take it for granted.

After scraping away the skin on my heels I decided to impulsively buy some Inov8 trail running shoes and socks. I bought the Inov-8 Flyroc 310 based on a few reviews I read. I liked the idea of them being lightweight as my montrail hardrocks feel a bit like frankenstein boots soaked in concrete. These shoes are way lighter and I will know soon if they work out, or end up in the garage in the junk bin. The good thing about running is the lack of gear you need. Coming form a few years of long distance cycling, it can cost a fortune keeping your bikes in good riding shape and dealing with the latest upgrade that you just have to buy. Buying a pair of shoes on impulse is nothing compared to the money pit of cycling. Hopefully it works out.


nrmrvrk said…
Well, you may live in the best area on the west coast for cycling, trail running, non-trail running, hiking, ethnic diversity, good food, high tech, and golf, but you didn't have snow on your run like I did, so there! :-P