Got Indulgence delivered in the post today. Great hour long interview with the 2006 and 2007 Leaville 100 winner Anton Krupicka. Its inspirational seeing somebody so focused on something on his running as Krupicka and his hardcore minimalism and devotion to running is refreshing. If you like your heroes living like a vagrant and hanging out in their friends couches running 200 miles a week, Krupicka is your kind of guy and you should buy Indulgence. He comes off as really well grounded, smart, committed to his sport, and with a great sense of what Ultrarunning is (to him at least). His points about the 100 mile trail running talent pool as not currently cultivated is probably true. Would love to see this guy at Western States 100 and see how he would do. I liked his comments about Dean Karnazes in the bonus footage. He really trashes the media machine Karnazes has built around him with his "publicity stunts".

4/5 stars. Worth a buy for great footage of Colorado mountains and great insight from one of the young stars of the sport.