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5.75 miles. 1000+ feet of elevation gain.

Nice Thanksgiving run with Granger. Beautiful weather today. Some steep sections, but overall great place for trail running.

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Next time will see about connecting a run from the Steven's Canyon side with Pichetti Ranch.


Ner-mer-verk said…
nice trail. I used to mountain bike somewhere near there 10+ years ago. There was a great MTB (and running I suppose) trail jusr off of Stevens Cyn rd as you're leaving Foothill toward Montebello. It's off to the left in that parking lot before the reservoir. You park there and take a trail back and it immediately starts a switchback climb to a plateau and you run around up top in a series of trails and then run back down when you're done. Damn you have it nice there for trail running.
Ner-mer-verk said…
What kind of pacing did you do? Are you still sticking with 2/2 or are you ready for more? How is Granger on foot? Probably just as good (but unwilling to suffer) as he is on a bike...
nockee said…
It is pretty good here for Trail Running. There might be 1000 miles of trails in the vicinity. I plan on finding them all. Not doing 2/2 unless its hard-core. Doing 5/2..5/1.5 4/2...8/1.5 mixing it up if its less than say 10 miles. I am slowly getting stronger, so I hope to spread it out more. For the AR50, I am thinking i might want to cruise the first 24 miles on the pathway/side of pathway at a 5/2. But, it will all depend on how the training goes. I have a pathetic level of mileage under my belt since I decided to try this and have to get at least 100 miles in a month before I really know whats up.