Arastradero Reserve + PA Foothills Park

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I started this run at the Arastradero Preserve. I used to ride by this place all the time and today was the first day I would run here. I started up the Anza trail and just headed west towards my ultimate goal, the Palo Alto Foothills Park. I can't remember the exact trail I picked, but I found a rather large trail that took me to the park boundary about 2.2 miles away from the start.

I entered into the illicit Palo Alto Foothills Park . It felt great, kind of like sneaking on to Palo Hills Country Club with you Uncle's rusty 5 iron and playing 18 . Since I live .25 miles from the Palo Alto Border, I guess I am technically legal. Plus, I lived in PA in 1997. I am must be good enough for this oasis. Part of me is pissed off that I have to sneak in here, and part of me loves the fact that there is nobody here. I notice the Los Trancos Trail and make a note next time to take this. According to the rules, I am risking $100 fine to run in this park. But, I have always been a secret scofflaw and what the heck. I found a great description of a guy who hiked from the PA Bay at Byxbee Park to the Coast Palo Alto to the Pacific. I would like to take a shot at running this in one day some time down the road. At 42 miles, it would make a hell of a training run.

I turned around at the Los Trancos trail to make my way back to the car. I managed to fall hard .5 miles from the car going at a sub 7 minute mile place down hill. OUCH! It hurt like hell and I can still barely walk. My hip is severely bruised. I cant tell how bad it is yet. I sit here on a couple of ibuprofen and the pain is starting to melt away. I wonder if the Palo Alto Gods are laughing at me for defiling their sanctuary with my sorry Mountain View blood. Oh well. It was sort of worth it. Now to teach more of the unwashed masses how to defile their secret sanctuary!

Update: My hip is not broken but is just severely bruised. I will be out for a couple of weeks minimum and will have to start up on easy trails. My American River 50 training suffers yet another setback. We shall see if I can turn around these injuries. 2 injuries in 6 weeks!